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Midnight Sun worked as a commercial fishing vessel from 1938 until 2001. In May of 2001 she was purchased by David and Emma Doig who began an extensive conversion/refit. The work commenced in May 2001 at French Creek on Vancouver Island, BC. Midnight Sun was eventually moved to Steveston, BC, outside of Vancouver to complete the conversion/refit. A complete shop was constructed for the project. With the work force of local tradesmen, the project continued through to 2005. Brad Scott of French Creek served as Project Manager supervising hundreds of different trades performing tens of thousands of different tasks.

Starting out over budget, this problem was soon remedied by the total abandonment of any attempt to budget. The end result is an 80 foot, 200 ton classic vessel with ultra modern systems and ocean-crossing capabilities.

Her traditional work boat lines and construction give her outstanding sea keeping abilities. Midnight Sun is truly a one of a kind vessel. Enjoy the following photographs!

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